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     The timing of the cleaning process was impeccable.
Melanie Obregon16/04/2024
     The cleaners from this company did an incredible job deep cleaning my flat today. I am more than satisfied with their work and would highly recommend them.
Shanice F.30/03/2024
     I highly recommend Cleaning Carpet Surbiton's deep cleaning services to anyone in need of some help restoring order to their home. They saved me from the mess created by my bathroom renovation and left me with a pristine living space.
Liam Pitt20/03/2024
     This company is a true gem when it comes to delivering top-quality cleaning services.
     The staff at SurbitonCarpetCleaners did an outstanding job of showcasing their unwavering dependability, upbeat demeanor, and exceptional skills while tackling the daunting task of cleaning a heavily soiled house.
     Don't hesitate to choose this fantastic company for all of your cleaning needs - they offer fast, efficient work at great rates.
     I am beyond impressed with their level of customer service and attention to detail displayed during my experience for both the end of tenancy clean and carpet cleaning services provided by this company.
Jerry Nelson25/01/2024
     What sets SurbitonCarpetCleaners apart is not only their quick response but also the personalized care they put into following up on all of their cleaning services.
Ruth Rogers15/01/2024
     I called your cleaners for help with the cleaning at my house and was incredibly pleased with the result. Absolutely satisfied!
Morgan Jones20/11/2023
     The office cleaning team from Surbiton Carpet Cleaners worked diligently, followed directions well, and left us with an impressive workspace - we are certainly glad we chose them! We would happily recommend them to anyone in need of reliable cleaners.
Chris J.15/05/2023
     Extremely pleased with the window cleaning service provided by SurbitonCarpetCleaners, thank you for your hard work!
Mya Grant06/02/2023
     We needed to hire a new cleaning service and heard wonderful things about this company. They had reasonable rates, so we decided to give them a shot. They have been doing a magnificent job. The place looks brilliant.
Rose H.21/05/2020
      Surbiton Cerpet Cleaning Services has done a great office cleaning for us today. We would highly recommend them.
     Carpet and rug cleaning is something I've probably used more than most. I've a few carpets in the home and a few kids as well. This means that I can either accept ruined carpets or I can turn to Carpet Cleaning Company Surbiton. I depend on the latter and they've been there in a few emergency situations in the past. These days, as the kids get older, I'm happy to recommend them to others because I've seen first-hand how effective they can be. Thanks again.
Christina Wood05/11/2015
     I run a solicitors firm locally and use Carpet Cleaning Company Surbiton's commercial cleaning service for the office building. We need to have contractors who are discrete and will maintain our confidentiality. This cleaning company have been established for years and are a company to be trusted. They also deliver a 100% top quality cleaning service.
Ms Thomsett 14/07/2015
     As a bachelor living in London with a demanding job that keeps me at the office for long hours, I don't have time to clean my apartment. So coming across SurbitonCarpetCleaners saved my life as I now have a regular cleaner come into my flat once a week, who takes care of all the vacuuming, dusting, washing and even my ironing! I hate ironing my own shirts! There's nothing nicer than coming back to clean house at the end of a long day at the office!
Peter S.15/01/2015
     SurbitonCarpetCleaners were very helpful when it came to my carpet cleaning. Their phone staff answered all my questions and gave me all the information I need. Their quotes were free, didn't need any commitment and help me obtain what I needed. Their staff were polite and flexible, so I got excellent support when I needed it. They worked carefully in my home and tackled all the mess and dirt. My carpets look clean and new, so I rate them five out of five.
Adam H.18/12/2014
     This company were a really pleasant surprise when it comes to services you find online! Not only was the customer advisor really helpful whom I spoke to, but also, they arrived at the exact time we agreed upon. I was stressing about getting my home/office ready for a meeting the next day and the several cleaners that turned up were really on the button. I showed them the area that I needed cleaning and no sooner had I explained it they were working. I wish all of my clients were as easy to work with as SurbitonCarpetCleaners!
Angie Thomas23/10/2014
     I was fed up with the state of my bungalow and needed a cleaner desperately. I was told about a local company who did a good job at a decent price. So I decided to call and enquire. SurbitonCarpetCleaners were easy to deal with and from my first call were very helpful. The office helped find a cleaning service to suit my limited budget. On cleaning day the workers arrived with lots of cleaning stuff and began straight away. They worked hard and covered every intricate detail such as door knobs and lights etc. places I wouldn't have thought the price would cover. But, I got a great job.
Lorna Reddell24/07/2014
     I have never been one to worry too much about the house work, and have always used cleaning companies, but I recently switched to SurbitonCarpetCleaners and I have noticed a marked difference in how clean the place is when they are done. With other services it has felt cleaner, but now, it really does feel completely spotless! It's a strange thing to realise that you are noticing, but it is a good feeling nonetheless. If anyone out there needs a great cleaning company, then you have found it in this team right here.
Sandra Hall14/05/2014